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Gadgets and Appliances

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  • burn and return — v. To purchase an audio CD, make a copy of it using a CD burner, and then return the original CD for a refund. Also: burn and return, burn/return. Example Citation: HMV Canada is back pedalling on a 14 year old no hassle return policy that grants …   New words

  • Computers and Information Systems — ▪ 2009 Introduction Smartphone: The New Computer.       The market for the smartphone in reality a handheld computer for Web browsing, e mail, music, and video that was integrated with a cellular telephone continued to grow in 2008. According to… …   Universalium

  • cutensil — (kyoo.TEN.sul) n. A kitchen implement or other utensil with a cute design. Example Citation: Koziol s spaghetti forks with a smiley face, ice cream scoops with eyes and the Tim dish brush with legs are some of more than 300 cutensils, as they re… …   New words

  • appliance garage — n. A built in kitchen countertop unit that hides, yet also gives easy access to, small appliances such as a toaster, blender, and food processor. Example Citation: The appliance garage, with its roll top and quick access to plugged in and ready… …   New words

  • urban miner — n. A person or company that extracts metals from discarded electronics. urban mining pp. Example Citations: Business owner Jerry Shelfer and his wife, Michelle, started Hi Tec Recycling in 2003, gathering up discarded computers, monitors and… …   New words

  • Sabbath mode — n. A feature that enables an oven to stay on for extended periods such as the Jewish Sabbath to keep pre cooked foods hot. Example Citation: With the Sabbath Mode override, ovens will not shut off automatically, making it possible to keep cooked… …   New words

  • junk sleep — n. Low quality sleep caused by disruptions from nearby electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, and TVs. Example Citations: If you re thinking about buying your teenager a cell phone this Christmas, you might want to hold that call.… …   New words

  • smartphone — n. A cell phone that includes many of the same features as a personal digital assistant, particularly e mail, a calendar, and an organizer. Also: smart phone. Example Citations: Keep the gadget geek on the go connected with the PalmOne Treo 600… …   New words

  • BlackBerry thumb — n. A repetitive stress injury characterized by swelling and pain at the base of the thumb and caused by prolonged use of the thumb while operating a BlackBerry or other personal digital assistant. Example Citations: There s a new indicator of the …   New words

  • e-cigarette — n. An electronic device that heats a nicotine laced liquid into an inhalable vapor. Also: ecigarette. Example Citations: In court papers, the FDA said it considers the devices, also known as e cigarettes, to be unapproved drug delivery gadgets. e …   New words

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